Step In Sock Shoe Covers
Step In Sock Shoe Covers
Step In Sock Shoe Covers
Step In Sock Shoe Covers
Step In Sock Shoe Covers

Step In Sock Shoe Covers

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We need a shoe cover for many occasions.

Whether walking into a house after working on the dirt outside or need to run to the bedroom after getting fully dressed up. 

To Keep the floor clean

We all use shoe covers all the time. The challenge is getting those disposable covers in bulk and it is like wearing another shoe.

Innovative step in shoe covers 

These step-in shoe covers give you instant shoe covers just by stepping on them. But what makes these differences are that they're fully reusable. 

Once you place your foot on the top of the Step In Sock, the device will immediately wrap itself around the bottom of your shoes.

This way you can instantly cover your shoes, and prevent them from dirtying a nice clean house you're about to enter.

Perfect for home workers that are constantly needing to enter homes to fix appliances, do quotes, or for realtors demoing a lot of homes, these step-in shoe covers allow you to use them over and over again without having to throw away some plastic after every use.

Anti Slip 

Unlike the plastic shoe cover, these are lined with cloth to provide an anti-slip feature. No more slipping on a wooden floor while carrying something heavy.

The instant shoe cover is used by placing the device on a clean flat surface, then just step your foot on the middle of the device and it will instantly wrap around your shoe, covering the entire bottom area, as well as keeping in any dirt that might fall off your shoe.

Portable and reusable

To remove the Step In Sock, just peel it off your shoe, and take it with you. The best part about these step-in shoe covers is that you can use them over and over again without having to create extra waste and plastic use. 


Size: 44x30x1cm/17.32x11.81x0.39 in
Weight: 142 g
Material: Double cloth leather and memory steel sheet
Includes: 1 Pair shoe cover

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