Quick and Easy Desserts Cookbook: Best dessert recipes to make at home
Quick and Easy Desserts Cookbook: Best dessert recipes to make at home

Quick and Easy Desserts Cookbook: Best dessert recipes to make at home

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  • Unique recipes that delicious and quick to make
  • Gift your friend or family who are interested in cooking
  • All desserts are alcohol Free and Kids Friendly
  • Summer dessert recipes 
  • Healthy desserts recipes 
  • Baked dessert recipes
  • Egg less dessert recipes and much more. 

Quick and Easy Desserts book from Anto's Kitchen includes delicious dessert recipes from various cuisines with cooking tips, simple step by step easy instructions and high-quality pictures. These desserts are quick and simple to make at home in just a few minutes.

Dessert cookbook for Kids

All the recipes are alcohol-free and can be served to kids. They are creative and has many healthier recipes compared to other sugar-rich desserts found everywhere. From kids to everyone loves these desserts.

Just desserts

The book dedicated only for dessert recipes. With so many mouth-watering delicious recipes from various cuisines. 

Dessert for two

Contains the recipes that can be made in a cup rather than in a pan, that are just 2 servings to be shared with your loved ones.

Quick dessert

Cooking desserts don't have to be complicated or time-consuming. Many recipes in this book are quick to make under 30 minutes. So you can make them for every single meal.

Chocolate dessert recipes

Without chocolate recipes, any dessert book is not complete. In this book, you will find many unique chocolate recipes that are easy and super delicious.

Dessert ideas

This book is not a general recipe book with common dessert recipes that are found everywhere. They are unique recipes that are tried multiple times, tested and liked by many people. I am sure you will like it too.

3-4 Ingredients

Many recipes are made with 3 or 4 ingredients only to keep the recipes as simple as possible without compromising the taste and flavor. 

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